exercising would be so much more rewarding if calories screamed when you burned them

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Don’t eat less! Eat right!

To bolster my response to the last question:

The 1200-Calorie Myth DEBUNKED
Every time—no, make that every time—I mention how much I eat when I’m trying to lose weight, somebody tells me (sometimes politely, but usually not) that I’m “starving myself” or that I  “have an eating disorder,” or that I’m in some way eating too little.
Let’s settle this argument once and for all.
On the left: Average Woman’s day of weight loss
Average Woman has heard from her doctor and all the mainstream media that it’s a good idea to “reduce” her intake.  She knows high-fat, sugary foods are bad for her, and that a 1200-calorie diet is “recommended” for people in her position.  She dutifully sets out to change her lifestyle.  Her goal is to obtain that healthy and svelte figure that has been eluding her for so long.  Here’s what she eats:
A “bowl” of cereal with milk.  Average Woman keeps the amount of cereal down to the official “serving” size of 3/4 of a cup, or barely half a dozen spoonfuls (tell the truth, now: you know you can’t eat such a small “serving” of breakfast cereal … but let’s pretend Average Woman is stronger than you are.)  Moments later, on her way to work, Average Woman stops at the coffee shop and picks up a 12-ounce latté (unsweetened—gotta watch those calories!). 
By noon, Average Woman is ravenously hungry, as her tiny breakfast of simple carbs and milk digested hours ago.  She didn’t have time to pack a lunch today, so she heads for the most convenient option, the local fast food joint.  She orders a small fried chicken sandwich (chicken is supposed to be better for you than beef) and a small order of fries (they’re too hard to resist, but at least the small size scratches that itch).  To drink, Average Woman orders a diet soda. 
Tonight is Average Woman’s night to meet with friends for dinner at a restaurant.  Feeling guilty about eating fries at lunch and for not eating enough vegetables, she orders a Caesar salad with grilled chicken.  Conscious of her intake, she gallantly eats only half.  She washes it down with water while everyone around her has sugary soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.  She wishes she could join them, but she knows she needs to do this right if she’s going to lose the weight. 
At the end of the day:
Average Woman exercised amazing restraint!  She didn’t eat perfectly, but she mostly stuck to her plan and ate a very sensible amount.  Her doctor and the media have done their job, as has she.
Calories : 1240.  Perfect!  She flirted with the bottom range of the officially-sanctioned diet, but she didn’t fall into the “unhealthy” range!
Protein: 53g.  Awesome, considering the recommended daily amount is 56g.
Fresh produce: lots of lettuce! Not a lot of nutrients, but at least it’s green.
On the right: Skinny Woman’s day of weight loss
Next, let’s picture someone who has read my book (let’s call her “Skinny Woman”).  She knows the “recommendations” are fine and all, but she feels like she can do better.
Two eggs scrambled with onions and tomatoes, plus a coffee with sugar (not all indulgences need be forsaken!).  
Skinny Woman is hungry, but manageably so, because her breakfast of whole foods took its time digesting and it provided energy all morning.  She pulls out the lunch she made for herself this morning (in less time than it would now take her to get her lunch from the fast-food restaurant next door): half of a homemade ham and turkey sandwich with a little mustard, mayo, cucumber, and lettuce.
Afternoon Snack
Suffering from that age-old enemy of productivity, the Mid-Afternoon Slump, and also pretty hungry from eating only 400 calories so far, Skinny woman reaches into her bag and pulls out an orange that she brought with her in case of emergency.  It’s currently an emergency, so down the hatch it goes.
Skinny Woman eats out tonight, too, at a gathering at a friend’s place.  They are serving grilled marinated chicken breasts with Greek salad and rice.  Skinny Woman enjoys some chicken and a generous portion of salad, but skips the rice.
At the end of the day:
Skinny Woman ate a hot, guilt-free breakfast and a small, healthful lunch that (with the help of her later snack) allowed her to make it through the day without being exceedingly hungry.  Dinner was her biggest meal, which was extra satisfying after an entire day of strict self-control
Calories : 860.  That’s way less than Skinny Woman’s resting metabolic rate—meaning her body will have to resort to burning excess FAT to get the extra energy it needs.
Protein: 87g.  That’s far more than the RDA, and it will totally help her body recover from all the exercise she’s been doing lately, turning her flab into muscle.
Fresh produce: Every meal contained a substantial amount of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.  What more could you ask for?
Skinny Woman consumed fewer calories, thereby causing her body to burn more of her fat reserves to make up for the missing calories, than did Average Woman.  However, she also got more protein, more vitamins and minerals, more fiber, as well as more of the other essential nutrients, than did Average Woman (who, by the way, did NOT eat more food!).
THIS is why the “You mustn’t eat fewer than 1200 calories per day” mantra is a MYTH.  When you’re trying to lose weight, It’s the nutrients, not the calories, that you need.
People run from rain but sit in bathtubs full of water. Charles Bukowski  (via reflowr)

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